With experienced engineering team in the field of Woodworking in general and Furniture in particular. We provide reliable service to make customers always satisfied when using our products. We have good service before and after – sale. We can even give you honest and enthusiastic advice about other products that are better suited for your production.

Provide solutions using toolings and glue in the optimal production, showing you the savings and efficiency that the precision and quality products of leading industrial countries such as Germany and European countries is serving worldwide.

  • Guidance on troubleshooting, management of production processes directly or indirectly.
  • Repairing edge banding machines in Europe. Cleaning, adjusting the glue pot on the machine, installation advice and replacement of toolings and spare parts on the machine, …
  • We also receive toolings such as saw blades, milling routers, milling cutters made of alloy (carbide tip).

More and more manufacturers are using diamond tools in the Woodworking. We also provide a complete service of grinding, balancing and adjusting diamond tools.

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